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The Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition is a community organization established in Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in offender reentry and related issues. The coalition works very hard to maintain open and informative communication related to reentry issues within the Greater Louisville, Kentucky area and includes the counties of Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Shelby, Henry, and Trimble.

The Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition consists of members from all parts of the reentry process. Our members include local, state, and federal government representatives, as well as employment, housing and counseling service providers from both profit and non-profit organizations. The Coalition meets monthly to discuss issues, current trends, and/or problems pertaining to the reentry process.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition, please contact us. The Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition is here to help facilitate any way we can.

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  1. Thank you for the great work you are doing for returning citizens in Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We, the BRC, look forward to partnering with you to better Kentucky.


    Moral Reconation Therapy
    MRT Training
    Louisville, Kentucky Monday-Thursday, April 4 – 7, 2016, 8:30 AM Daily
    Training Sponsor and Training Site: Robert Jamison Ministries, Inc.,
    3050 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40211

    A 32-hour workshop will be presented by Correctional Counseling, Inc., the premiere provider of cognitive-behavioral training and materials for substance abuse treatment, alcohol treatment, offender rehabilitation, criminal justice, parole/probation, and residential programs will cover everything you need to know to successfully implement the MRT™ treatment system including information about understanding and treating the antisocial substance abuser. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance/completion and CEUs will be available from Louisiana State University at Shreveport. A separate form and fee are required for these CEU certificates.
    Participants Will Receive: During this training, each person will receive a copy of the following: How To Escape Your Prison (the MRT workbook), the MRT Counselors Handbook, Antisocial Personality Disorder and Criminal Justice: Evidence Based Practices, Effective Counseling Approaches, reprints of 10 journal articles on outcome data on MRT programs, two CD’s – 5-Minute Stress Manager and Imaginary Future, and the book Simply Spiritual (as an aid to understanding client belief systems).

    WORKSHOP COST: Standard fee $600 for the first person and $500 for the each person thereafter from the same agency.
    CREDIT CARD registrations are accepted. Please call (901) 360-1564.

    Topics In This Workshop Include:
    Introduction to Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment, Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder, Treating APD and Treatment-Resistant Clients, Background of MRT™ Personality Theory,
    Systematic Treatment Approaches, MRT Steps 1-16, How to Implement MRT

    Please register the following person(s) for the MRT Training:
    Name 1__________________________________________________________$600
    Name 2__________________________________________________________$500
    Name 3__________________________________________________________$500
    Phone #____________________________________ To charge training fees, please call (901) 360-1564.
    Mail form with payment to CCI, 2028 Exeter Road , Germantown, TN 38138.
    Payment enclosed (please check one): Check___ Money Order___ Purchase Order___
    Please note that a $50 processing fee will be assessed on refunds due to participant cancellation 10 days or less before training. Note that some training dates have limited availability of open slots. CCI reserves the right to cancel training dates if insufficient participants have enrolled.

  3. Hi, i am a 20 year old felon looking to get better in life and want to learn how to be normal productive citizen I’m out on shock probation and trying to get my shit together looking for any help possible tired of getting in trouble and being looked down upon willing to be trained in something don’t have funds but I can work looking for a good program or something please reply back to me on my email if you think you can help better my life in anyway. thank you!

    1. There is a program that one of our Board Members works with called REimage. They target 18-24 year old males and link them to training and jobs. Her name is Kimberly Moore she is a case manager. Her number is 502-574-4115 and her email is kimberly.moore@kentuckianaworks.org Good luck to you.

  4. Hi, have you gone to either the Kentucky Career Center (unemployment office) or the Community & Technical College? A felony does not stop from you from being eligible for financial aide. Both of these places can help you get into programs, depending on what you want to do.

  5. After following a link on one of your postings I read the FORsooth newsletter- might GLRC not consider listing their meeting time & date with the Fellowship of Reconcilliation for inclusion of GLRC meeting info in the FORsooth newsletter?

  6. Hi I am a graduate counseling student interested in MRT training and counseling for individuals with felonies to obtain employment, careers, housing, etc. Plesse advise me of the who to contact?

  7. Hi, You can call CCI at (901) 360-1564 regarding how to get trained to teach MRT, if you are looking for anyone in the Louisville area that already conducts classes for people to enroll in MRT, please email me at: info@kentuckyreentry.org

    thanks, Kerry

  8. Hi there . My cousin is a felon. She served her time . It’s been over 6 years I believe since she finished her drug core program and successfully finished her program with amazing honors . She’s been clean still. However the major problem is it has been difficult finding housing that will approve income based assistance that will accept the fact she has a felony. She’s up front and honest about it . She goes through the paperwork and processing. She gets her hopes up too find out they do not accept felons. I just don’t understand why would they put her through all the processing knowing they would not approve her. It’s wrong. She currently has custody of her niece and nephew . However she is staying in my two bedroom apt . They are sleeping on the floor . She needs to find proper housing . However we are told there isn’t ant die convicted felons at all. She has a job and A small income for the children. But it’s the background check that keeps her from finding assistance that she can afford . I listen to her cry last night that she’s trying to a good citizen but why does she have to continue to be haunted by her past . She’s wondering if it’s all worth it. Please help me help my cousin . Please send me in the right direction for Jefferson / bullit county housing programs for convicted felons asap. Thank you

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